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Is your website prepared for the coming Google Hummingbird update in 2014?

Preparing Websites for the New Google Search

Steps you should be taking now to assure your place in the new generation of entity search

Houston search engine optimization (SEO) expert with 15 years experience serving start-ups, small, midsize and enterprise businesses in Houston, TX since 1999. Each year approximately 5,433,175,068 searches are conducted on Google for Houston-related topics. Vying for a place on the coveted first page of the search engine results are 12,600,000 web pages with “Houston“ included in the title in one form or another. This accounts for roughly 68,458,005,856,800,000 (over 68 quadrillion) Houston-related web pages each year being shuffled as a result of some human initiated search query! This does not even count the searches conducted on Yahoo!, MSN, Alta Vista, Ask, or others.

So needless to say, the opportunity remains unchanged. Social media plays a role, but search engines are the driving vehicles that STILL deliver the lion’s share of the traffic to your website.

What  is Website Optimization?

Website optimization (onsite optimization) is the process of “tuning” your website to meet various SEO factors to achieve higher search engine rankings for a given keyword or phrase. These higher rankings typically result in higher traffic and more qualified visitors to your site.

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